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Why Advertise in Movie Theaters?

America loves the movies.
It is compelling entertainment that the whole family can enjoy and tops the list of adult leisure activities – even beating out such popular activities as dining out, entertaining friends or relatives at home, and reading books.

Expansive Reach

Moviegoers spend an average of 14 minutes in their seats before a movie starts. They are relaxed, receptive, and captivated ensuring you have their full attention. Movie going is the #1 leisure activity for Americans. Of your target audience, 32% are ages 18-34, 51% are ages 35- 49, and 46% are college educated. Nearly 9 out of 10 moviegoers prefer to see a preshow as opposed to a blank screen.

Effective Recall

Throughout the course of only a few minutes, your ad will receive constant repetition. You ad will run for 7-10 seconds every 4-5 minutes. Many consumers consider cinema ads to be more interesting than other media. Cinema advertising is an appealing and memorable, with a 52% unaided recall rate in comparison to 6% for television ads.

Engaging Environment

Movie theaters offer a unique, distraction-free environment, complete with large screens and immersive sound systems. Your ad will be showcased in an ideal atmosphere in front of an audience who is comfortable and attentive.


Stunning Image, Simple idea: A simple and concise message is the key to an effective cinema advertising campaign. Your main idea should be focused on a single product or unique selling point.


Your ad should be straightforward and crisp. A viewer will have a much higher chance of recall if the image is eye-catching and to the point. Keep your layout organized and sharp. Make sure your elements are pleasing to the eye. Layout is important in your ad design. A poor design can lead to an unsuccessful return. Always use high resolution digital images and text in your design. It may look okay on a computer monitor, but a low-resolution design becomes a blurry ad on the theater screen.

Additional Foundry Information:

The Foundry is the only luxury cinema and bowling alley in Grand County. It has two movie screens, with an average of 4 daily showings. On the weekends there is an average of 6 showings. Your ad will run for 7-10 seconds every 4-5 minutes. This means that you will be able to reach hundreds of new consumers each day. You’ll be sure to reach your target market with the wide age range of moviegoers that visit The Foundry, including locals and tourists taking a break from various outdoor activities.


Contact Info

Jody Mintken
Channel 17-Mountain TV (owner)
Host of Discover Winter Park
(970) 531-1225


Please keep all copy and important content within the “safe area” box. Background and any background images should extend to edge of document. Keep faded black border as top layer, all designs should go under the border.

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